:about us

Explore products from many award-winning designers.

bbf:design is home to one of the largest collections of designer home furnishings and accessories.

For over 10 years, we have curated and supplied distincitive pieces to homes and businesses all over the world.

Discover over 1000 products, selected from 100 brands, and crafted by many talented designers. 

:world-class brands

We bring together a kaleidoscope of high-quality products from premium and innovative brands. Our designers are selected from across Europe for their ability to create timeless and high-quality furniture and home accessories for a variety of styles and preferences.

:complement your lifestyle

Find inspiration in thousands of thoughtfully curated products to create your perfect interior and outdoor living space. Choose from award-winning sofas, tables, lighting solutions, beds, linen and more.

:designed for life

Our distinctive pieces have inspired renowned architects and interior designers from all over the world. With high-quality designs using the finest materials and techniques, we curate timeless and iconic pieces with real visual weight and function.

Now you can discover why so many people have chosen bbf:design for their unique home and business projects