Le Porcellane

Intuition and experience. Purity of white porcelain. Passion for one of the noblest artisanal manufacturers. Respect for tradition. Le Porcellane is the maximum expression of this harmonious balance, through which it expresses its vocation for Italian excellence

For over 70 years, skilled hands have given life to valuable achievements, the same that have made possible its affirmation throughout the world.

Founded in Florence in 1948, Le Porcellane has been enriched over time with new shapes and decorations both for home and lighting. Sinuous, essential shapes derived from a palpable passion for raw material, experimentation, and research. Decorations in 24-carat gold or in platinum render each object precious and unique.

Fascinating collections rising from the knowledge and understanding of a continuous search for perfection, synonymous with the truest handmade in Italy.

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